Math Exam Torture

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First Math exam tomorrow. Ugh. I am ultimately ready to fail it.

I loathe thee, Math. College Algebra? BAH. Why must I learn thee? Let me count the ways that I shall use factoring in my daily life…ZILCH. How about rational expressions with radicals thrown in there? I haven’t even touched radicals ever since the last time I took a math class, and that happened last June.

I’m an English major. If I’d wanted to major in you, Math, I would have done so long time ago. But I didn’t. My Asian side of me is apparently under-developed except for the appearance factor. I loathe numbers. All I need to know is basic adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing to fulfill the emptiness in my life. I don’t need to know anything beyond that.

But no. You are considered a universal language that every institute in the world forces us to learn. Universal language for whom, though? People with Einstein brain, not people like me who adores words over numbers.

*sighs* One down tomorrow, and two more to go; although it feels like 10,000 more.


  1. =/ I know how you feel about math. I hate it too. It sucks that it’s a requirement. I mean really, you think you’re finished by the end of high school, and then you get into university and BAM, they hit you with more math requirements. Honestly, when will I ever have to do statistics off the top of my head? When will I even use it? At work? Because as far as I know, every company has programs and people specifically trained to use those programs… All we really need to know is how to balance a checkbook and make sure they’re not charging us extra on our dining bills…

  2. subSloth on

    We are very similar. I am not doing math in my final years of high school.

  3. I loathe Math, however, after Physics, I actually got to use it. How? I was proving a point to my father that the crucifix is anatomically and historically wrong.

    I learned to love it. ^^

  4. Well I can’t say I loathe math because I still apply it in my work now. Yesterday I found one of my old college notes in engineering–and man, surprised as I was, it was all Greek to me. Or maybe I just used to be smarter. I don’t get to do hard-core calculus or matrices now unlike my university days. But if I was required or forced now, just the thought of it makes me cringe.

  5. People who are good in numbers (and Math) suck at English. People who are good with words (and English) suck at Math. I don’t think I’ve met anybody who’s good at both. The only Math I totally understood was the stuff I learned in Chemistry and Geometry. Other than that, no more. It’s been ages since I took a Math class, and I don’t intend to take any more. Ever.

  6. I feel the same way about math! Growing up it was just assumed that I would be good at math just because I was Korean. Ahem, I’m half Korean and I am terrible at math! That’s why I majored in French. The word radical gives me chills! Just keep plugging away….sorry I can’t give you better advice. :)

  7. Don’t worry, at least you’re not going into deritives…or even worse, proofs. Proofs, I tell you, has no point. It can be used for NOTHING. What’s the point of proving something is a triangle? I know the fastest way, just cut a triangle out!

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