China Gift & Nintendo Revolution

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My friend, Sarah, had visited Beijing, China and returned yesterday. After hearing about her trip, I wouldn’t mind going there. It sounded really interesting. :3

She bought me back a Chinese Tea Set, some Yuwon (sp? – The Chinese currency.), and this … dangly “gay boys” decoration thing. No, they are not gay, but rather two male figure thing stuck to each other. Her aunt made a comment saying that she’s going to give the “gay boys/friends” to her gay friend, and Sarah said she had to give that to me now. XD It’s rather funny. After looking at that, I can see why they called it the “gay boys” thing. I can’t really explain what it exactly is…but it’s a craft decoration.

Damn, my brain refuses to think right now. Lack of sleep will do amazing thing with you. It doesn’t help that I woke up early to go to my class in Osan (오산). Added to that, playing Tales of Symphonia till 3:00 am where you have to wake up in three hours, doesn’t help either. I’ve just been so addicted to that game all this week… damn. I need to stop playing, but I can’t.

Speaking of games, Sarah told me some new updated news about the Nintendo Revolution… she told me something about how the NR will have this thing where you can download old NES, SNES, Sega Genesis, and Turbo something games and play it on NR. Holy cow… that sounds seriously tempting to get an NR. Then again… with emulators, I don’t know, but dude, it’s tempting.

So a PS3 or a NR or both? I have no clue. I know I cannot afford both, so I must decide which will be a better system to get. Then again, knowing the game selections help. As a devoted Suikoden fan…I know PS3 is the way to go. But at the same time, the NR thing just sounds tempting. Yet I’m not a Zelda fan or anything so… bah. Tough decisions.

One more day of freedom from work, and then the high school resumes again. *sighs* All I did this week was play games and attend class. Rather reluctantly. I had a really unproductive week. Ah well, it was good enough.


  1. I say go for the NS but that’s just me because I’m a big fan of nintendo and mario brother’s. Sad to say I’ve yet to conquer any nintendo games except for two the little mermaid, and ducktales. Everythign else I haven’t beaten yet. But you should decide on what’s more important to you PS3 or NS. And that is a hard one. And yes of course I’ll keep coming back. :). I love this site and I like your personality :P. So that’s why I come back.

  2. ^__^ the chinese currency is renmingbi, but “dollar” or “buck” is yuan.

    I’m in the same boat as you are though. I love PS and really wanna get a PS3, since I figure all these hot games will be on it. However, I also love the cute games that are on Nintendo systems that we just don’t get in the states T_T… I wish I could get both too, but that doesn’t seem too likely given my funds… =(

  3. ah thank you so much for the plugins. They work wonders!!!

  4. Coronet on

    I’d so go PS3. It’s gonna be expensive, but sexy.

  5. PS3 all the way. Nintendo keep making kiddy games for their system….

  6. PS3, because all the biggest games are going to be there!

  7. Yuan, pronounced “Yen”. ^^

  8. I agree with you on that. I’ve had my fair share of doctor visits…and I hated every one of them, especially the dentist ones…::shivers:: just even thinking about the dentist makes me shiver. Anyways, thanks for the comment :P.

  9. Angelina on

    Gay boys… lol cute. I havent heard too great of stuff about China… I’d prefer to stay in technology-advanced America I guess, no matter how retarded it may get at times.

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