Man Jailed in Australia for Breaking the Child Pornography Law?

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Man jailed for boy-sex stories.

Wtf…? While, I can see the “morally wrong” part coming out, why oh why do they believe that “written word may encourage someone to act out what they’ve read?”

So with that logic, everything I’ve read in my life, I’ve acted it out at some point or another. Therefore, in the 10+ years I’ve been able to read, I’ve shot at people, molested people, molested little children, jumped off a tall building, set myself or others to fire, ate human flesh, created a time machine out of a Delorian to create time paradoxes, bombed a school, met parasitic alien races and allowed them to take over my brain, and etcetera etcetera.

So child pornography of any sort is illegal in Australia now? At the rate they’re going, I wonder how many more people they are gonna bust for owning those kind of material; how much more are they going to intefere in people’s private lives and activities, where if it doesn’t hurt anyone, why should the official hurt them? Oh, it’s because it’s the sodding law, right? That makes all the difference in the world.


  1. Belinda on

    =/ You have to keep in mind that the laws in the North Territory are kinda… more stricter than the other states. I hope that case gets appealed cos that is totally not just.

  2. The North Territory in Australia is just like the Mid West here in the US. Strict, weird, and wholly unjust.

  3. because its sick and wrong and children die from child pornography you dumbass

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