Shoot ‘Em!

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Lately, I’ve been having bizarre dreams. Fortunately for my sake, I don’t remember them, but the one I had this morning, I still can remember most of it.

I have no idea what the situation was, but I do know that I had a those automatic machine gun thing, and then a regular pistol gun. Oddly enough, I knew how to operate those guns, especially the machine gun one where the bullet thing goes in somewhere. x_x;;

Anyways, it was set place at the SAHS’ Gym of all places. I had found a stray white kitty, and I was hiding it in the women’s locker room. Don’t ask.

Next thing I know, there were these people after me, hence the guns. I kept playing cat and mouse game with them. And then apparently the kitty I was raising had ran away, and one of the enemy was carrying it back to the gym. Well, I shot the dude… who looked like a Korean soldier.

Then I killed the vice boss and by then my machine gun was running out of ammo, so I found some more from the enemy, and then refilled it. Next thing I know, I was in my old neighbourhood of Hannam-dong, and … was going after the boss. I can’t remember if I shot him or not. All I know is that I got rid of the machine gun, and took out the small, fat pistol.

Somewhere along the dream, I was also at Osan, where SAHS’ school librarian had a small secondhand book store there, and I found that he had a bunch of Animorphs books. Well, that must have been from my subconscious since, I am still expecting couple of those books from the mail, and I do have an Osan class this term.

I know there was more to the damn dream, but this is the fuzzy stuff I remember. I do recall that I was on the bus with a bunch of people, as if we were going to a field trip…maybe it was a field trip to Osan? And then it combined with the gun dream somehow, like we were on our way back, and that’s when the enemy started shooting at us or something, and then I acquired some guns to get back at them…?

I don’t know. My dreams never makes sense. At least no one I know died in the dream this time.