Mirage of Blaze

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What a productive week so far…NOT.

I finally watched Mirage of Blaze, both the 13 eps series and the 3 eps OVA. Very…interesting. I didn’t realise Japanese history was so fascinating. XD Of course, I doubt that the historical stuff was really accurate…but it certainly gives me an idea on something akin to Japanese history.

The shounen-ai-ness of the series was filled with so much tension. I read somewhere that Kagetora and Naoe has the most complicated love/hate relationship; even more so than the pair from Ai no Kusabi and whatever. Well… that certainly pretty much sums up their relationship. I want to read the novels now to see just how far those two have gone. Of course, that’s after I master Japanese…which should take me 30+ years to do so. x_x;;

On the other hand, the series was interesting. It was hard to keep track of all the names of the characters though. Good thing I watched it while I was still coherent enough. I do hope they either translate the novels or they make more OVAs to explore the relationship between Kagetora!Takaya and Naoe. And I would DEFINITELY like to see the showdown between the Uesugi and the Nobunaga (sp?) crews.

Come to think of it, this series was pretty damn angsty… and complicated. Damn the feudal underworld for continuing this battle for 400+ years! Ah well. It was quite enjoyable.

Now to work on finishing X TV series…


  1. Yingna on

    It’s an anime? With a novel behind it? I haven’t heard of those animes yet o.O But, I guess it’s not hard to believe. All the animes that I’ve seen so far that’s based off of anything are only mangas though…

    Hehe, don’t you hate the language barrier? I hate it when I want to read or watch something but I can’t understand it. Especially dramas or something. It’s bad..

  2. Yingna on

    Oh yeah, stupid of me for not answering your question in the last post. When I went on here before, it was like “WordPress cannot find a valid config.php file” or something like that. It’s what happens when there’s no config file, and I think it was because you might have uploaded the sample-config.php file over it when upgrading…? Or, my computer was just being weird.

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