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I had this sudden urge to watch the original Ghostbusters movie. Since I knew my friend had the movie, and I had to go to that same friend’s house today, I decided to watch that while we ate dinner.

Oh man, I still love Egon…although I didn’t realised that he was the blonde dude from the cartoon due to the hair colour differences.

I was so disappointed at the fact that Slimer was not really much in the movie. That makes me so sad since Slimer is who I remember the most from the cartoons. x_x;;

I so want to watch the cartoons now, which is what I’ve seen as a child instead of the movie. Oh man…nostalgia!

*hums the Ghostbuster theme song* The memories of Saturday morning cartoons… *sighs*


  1. LOL That is funny because I watched Ghostbusters II on tv last night. Egon is super nerd love :D

  2. You and I must be linked in our nostalgia. Right now, I’m seeing TMNT in my head.

  3. Stella on

    We need A-Hole Busters here in Korea…

  4. Hehe. Are you planning on uploading the Ghostbusters theme in the next Capriccio rotation? ;)

  5. Coronet on

    Hey Tara, I’ve been meaning to convert my sites to PHP lately and I don’t even have the foggiest idea how to. Do you know of a good tutorial or could give me the gist of how to do it? It would seriously save me a buttload of time editing my websites. ^^

  6. Lady Athena on

    Ghostbusters… man that brings back memories. I still know almost all the words to the theme song!

  7. lol, I remember watching Ghostbusters when I was younger. I think of Slimer when I think of the cartoons (did you ever drink the green Hi-C that had Slimer on the box?), but when I think of the movies, I think of the marshmellow guy.

  8. subSloth on

    *waves hands around* You feel like watching spiderman twwwwooooo~ I watched it last night. o_O; It was good. =D

  9. Yingna on

    I never watched that before o_O I think I just came onto your site when you were upgrading it…since, I came and it said your config file was missing xD

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