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I decided to apply to a scholarship that was due March 25th. Well, I had everything completed except for having my transcripts from UMUC to prove I am a student there. I emailed and sent a signed request form around March 7, saying in the email I need it by the 25th. I emailed again on the 15th to see if they received the darn request form. They emailed back on the 16th and said it would be mailed out within 72 hours.

…Right. I did not get it by the 24th. So on the 25th, I went to the organisation who was sponsoring it, and explained my dillemma. Thankfully, they were sympathetic to my case, and since they were still going to accept mail-in scholarship apps, they said I had another week or two to submit the transcript in.

Well, by yesterday, I still hadn’t gotten the darn transcripts. Fed up, I went to the office today and they called Yokota, where the UMUC Asia Main HQ was, and I talked to the dude in charge of the transcripts. He said that they had mailed it out on the 20th, and by military shipping, I should have gotten that by the 28th at the latest. I didn’t. Then he said that since I am only needing this for a scholarship, he’ll fax an unofficial transcript to here with a letter showing that they had dropped the official one on the 20th.

First time faxing it, it didn’t get through. Second time, after someone called and bugged them again, it went through. *sighs* What an ordeal just to apply for my first scholarship. UGH! And the mail still didn’t bring my darn official transcripts! Grrr…

And now they delayed the term!!! Damn. x_x;; Oh well…one Friday down the drain of ew…Math.

This is what I signed up this term:

* Math 107 “College Algebra” – Mon/Wed 6:30pm ~ 9:30pm @YONGSAN.
* Pscyh 321 “Social Psychology” – Saturday 9:00 am ~ 4:00pm @ OSAN.
* CMST 386 “Internet: An Advanced Guide” – ONLINE.

So I shall be commuting to Osan every Saturday…catch the bus by 7, get there by 8:10, mope around till 9…actually find out where the class is going to be so will hunt the building down. I am unfamiliar with Osan Air Base layout. All I know is that the big BX is near the bus stop, and I think their Ed Centre is near it too. And then I catch the 4:20 bus back to Yongsan and arrive at 5:30. Oi… thank goodness I can sleep on the bus. Should I carry a pillow with me? XD

Ugh… College Algebra is gonna be Algebra Hell for me. Pscyh should be fun since the teacher is the same teacher I had in Psych 100. Lastly, CMST is the continuation of the other online class I took. Only instead of basic webpage making, I will be learning CSS (YAY!), JavaScript, and DHTML (NOOOOO!).

This term shall be interesting.


  1. You will do just fine my dear. XD

  2. Agh, all that scholarship nonsense sounds brutal! That official one had better come through the mail soon! Good luck XD Your courses sound good!

  3. Well, I can’t help you with algebra since I’m ok at it. But.. commuting to Osan, what a trip. At least you can do homework on the ride there and back. I don’t think I could make it going back and forth because I get bus sick. You could always go bowling there.

  4. Lady Athena on

    I’ve taken College Algebra at my community college. It actually isn’t all that hard. Actually, Algebra in general isn’t really hard. My troubles when it came to math where anything that ended with an -ometry and Pre-Calculus (oh, the horror!).

    In any case, if *I* could get through College Algebra, you should do just fine! :)

  5. Yingna on

    Schools are so annoying at times when you have to actually go and complain to them a heck lot in order for them to do something. They’re really slow…that’s the bad part..ah well, I hope everything worked out for you and you applied for the scholarship all right.

    CSS? I need to learn that! Well…I guess I basically know some of it except not everything…hehe. And DHTML…oo..what’s that? Dynamic html? I dunno..

    Algebra…ah…fun fun…at least you’re not talking calc. anymore, right?

    Oh yeah, I think you can subscribe to my feeds if you just click on the RSS at the top (if you use Firefox)? Doesn’t that give you a dynamic bookmark? It’s a WordPress feed…so I’m not so sure. Is there a plugin?

  6. Yingna on

    Oh yeah, I don’t know if this will help, but you can get feeds at


    I don’t know what you can do with those though…

  7. Belinda on

    I did Social Psychology last year! Quite fun, interesting subject. :)

  8. subSloth on

    Ew, dhtml. Ew.

  9. Chibi Misao on

    Oi. Applying for scholarships suck, but once you get the scholarship, it’s usually worth all that trouble.

    DHTML, blah. I remember it used to be cool, tho. I’m sure you’ll do fine in all of your classes :)

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