Back to the Future and an Atheist Article

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I spent the night at Sarah’s place, and we had a Back to the Future marathon. I cannot believe I did not see this earlier. Hahaha. Michael J. Fox is so damn cute. XD I quite enjoyed it though. I loved the Doc…although my favourite minor character was Goldie Wilson. Sarah and I agreed that we wished he had more of a screen time than he had.

Atheists identified as America’s most distrusted minority, according to new U of M study.

So much for TOLERANCE. *scowls* I am so insulted by this fact that Atheist are the scum of the minority groups now. Okay, only 2,000 people contributing the survey doesn’t talk about all of the people in the United States, but still, just knowing that there are people out there who distrust and dislike people just because they don’t believe in God or someone of a higher being automatically makes them bad? Grrrrrrrrr.

I’m an Atheist. Have been since the sixth grade and always will be. Even if there is proof that some supernatural beings with powers to crush the Earth exist, I don’t care. He or she is just not someone I’d look up. I like being an Atheist. I like that freedom where I don’t have to have an extra baggage in my head telling me that if I do something, God or Goddess will not like me for it. I like to make my own choices based on my judgement. What is so wrong about that? Oh, wait, because I don’t follow the teachings of Jesus Christ or Allah or whoever, I am labelled as evil and corrupted. There we go.

Great logic some people have. *sighs* Oh well. I think tolerance is going to die away one day. Bah. Pessimism and cynicism is my best friend.


  1. I also don’t follow a religion (much to my mother’s dismay). Wow, I’m really surprised that Atheists are distrusted to that great of an extent.

    I remember at the beginning of the year in my European History lecture, we were asked to raise our hands to show what religion followed. I was one of the ones who raised my hand as an Atheist. Our teacher (who was also Atheist) told us that we were lucky that we didn’t live fifty years ago, because today they aren’t prosecuted for it. But I guess with results like that, the prosecution for that belief isn’t over…

    I dislike the comment about Aethiests being people who do not care about the greater good in that article. The choices I make surely affect other people, and I always do things with others’ interests in mind.

    What a world.

  2. You know that’s already a good topic to talk about for your Social Psychology class regarding the in-groups and the out-groups, hehehe.

  3. Coronet on

    Freedom from religion is honestly freedom of your mind. I’m borderline atheist myself. I personally don’t care about religion, don’t care if there IS a higher power, and would rather not concern myself with the trivialness of religion period. I consider religion to be a crutch for weaker people who need something to believe in.

  4. That’s ridiculous but, unfortunately, I’m not surprised. People say such ignorant things about atheism; it gets my blood boiling because it’s just so …. primative to be intolerant like that! Heh. They are so surprised when they complain about atheists to a Catholic girl only to find out that she adamently supports all types of religion. Tsh.

    This is my favorite quote regarding atheism: “I contend that we are all atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.”- Stephen L. Roberts

  5. subSloth / LemonSalad on

    Rock on Tara.

  6. Lan-Anh on

    There are always going to be ignorant bigots in this world. The only way aroudn it is to make a stand for your belief (or non-beliefs) no matter what others day!

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