Completed Tales of Symphonia

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I finally beat Tales of Symphonia. Now it’s not necessarily 100% beaten since I didn’t bother with the rest of many side quests in the game, but I got the ending. Woot!! That last boss was such a bitch to beat! Ah well… thank goodness for Raine and my healing items.

Now to restart the game and take it a different path. ^_^


  1. Congrats! It’s always funny how we reply games and finish all the different paths before we’re truly bored…or, we just stop playing while choosing a different path. Healing items are my life when it comes to games. Without them, I die at every boss.

  2. Lan-Anh on

    Wow, its been years since I played a computer game- sounds like a great game, I might just try it due to your influence ^___^

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