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Yay for a new layout! If you guys cannot see it or if it looks funky, keep refreshing. Or push down the shift button and refresh. XD I rather like the simplicity of this layout, and I adore the colours here. Mwahaha… Not much of a layout, but it’s something. All done less than 24 hours, courtesy of Eileen. ^_^

This image is featuring Soel and Larg from Tsubasa Chronicles. I haven’t seen it yet myself, but it’s on my to-watch list XD Mwahahaha!

My dad and I can finally use our own computer with net access… all thanks to DLink wireless router. I personally am annoyed it with it. No matter what instructions I follow, even when I get the instructions from the official DLink Help Centre, I cannot make the darn router transfer files on my AIM. And my Bittorent speed is too slow… *sighs* BLARGH. I HATE FIREWALLS! And the damn ports are opened so why are you being so finicky! And pray, pray tell me why they don’t put a damn SWITCH on this router?! That really puzzles me.

Aside from that, there is something quite FASCINATING on finally having my OWN computer for a change. Now that the computer in Dad’s room is hooked up to the net, he won’t be coming on mine. Muahahaha! Hopefully. I just went through and deleted a lot of the programmes he had on this PC, and woot, I can make room for some more of my stuff!

Now it’d be even better if the computer was in my room…I guess that’s the next step I shall work on achieving for myself! ^_^


  1. If the compy was in your room, you’d never leave it! LMAO

  2. AWWW!!! CUTE!!! XD I was wondering why I woke up to a message from you about Mokona (the black guy’s name is Modoki, btw). ^___^ SO cute! Lol. I can’t believe you put up a layout so shortly after we were talking about it.

    Awesome job. ttyl.

  3. Britani on


  4. Nice new layout! And congratulations on your computer freedom!

  5. Michelle on

    Ut oh…Tara locked herself in her room with only her computer. What’s the world coming to. Hehe…

  6. now you can look up porn behind closed doors ;)

    Nice layout, i love the blue you’ve used. Don’t watch Tsubasa Chronicle though, its shit. The story moves so slowly and the characters are drawn terribly.

  7. Nice new layout! I like simplicity =) Congrats on getting your router up. Bittorrent problems are due to port forwarding. You have to make sure the ip of your computer is put into there for port forwarding. It took me the longest time to figure that out because I was slow -.- It took me a year to get bittorrent to work properly.

    Good luck on trying to get the computer =P I would be content with a super good laptop, since then, I could go on my bed with it. Haha!

  8. T_T Aww, Tuan, I have to disagree. I think the movie that was just released had some pretty animation, and although the story is slow, a lot of animes are…

    Actually though, Tara, you should probably read the scanlations at Be With You Scans, rather than watch the anime. It’s a lot better, content wise, and moves a lot faster.

  9. Lan-Anh on

    Ooh! I love the new layout- very serene & fresh. I’m feeling motivated to update mine now…^__^

  10. Dark Maylee on

    Ahh! The layout is adorable! I feel like I’m in an old childhood dream when I see this. I love it!

  11. Nice new layout you got here. Been an avid reader, but never had the courage to comment until now. I was wondering, would you like to become affiliates or link exchange with me? Let me know okay? ^_^;

  12. Thanh Ha on

    Woah.. version 20!

    Ah the pain of troubleshooting internet connection problems, always fun. :P

  13. Gah! Mokonas! *luvs*

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