Fanlisting Rampage and School

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Once I get into something, I’m into it.

After I created Modulation, I made two more FLs this week. One is dedicated to the movie Latter Days, while the other is a listing for fans of Seoul, the city I currently resides in. XD XD

…And I applied for three more and am awaiting for those applications to be processed. Along with that, I still got a list of 10+ FLs I’d like to apply, make, and own. Oi. I’m a monster at times. XD

Aside from my current fixation, I received my English midterm results today. Even though the professor told me earlier that I had did well on it and got something in the 90s, I didn’t find out the exact score till today. A 98 for me! Woot woot! Okay, so it was based on a curve, but I would have still gotten a grade in the low 90s, making that an A still. ^_^ That made me happy.


  1. Wow, congrats on the 98! Curves are nice sometimes! xD

  2. Who would have thought you were good at english ;)

  3. Lan-Anh on

    Wow, congrats on the grade! It brings back memeories of when I used to be at school & uni ^___^

  4. Coronet on

    I’ll join your Seoul fanlisting later. :) FROM SEOUL FOREVER, BITCHES! Man, I miss Korea. :(

  5. Congrats on the score!

    I went through a fanlisting phase once…I went to all the fanlistings I could find. But then, I fell out of that phase, and I don’t even go to fanlistings anymore…hehe.

  6. Lady Athena on

    Great job on your midterm! ^_^

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