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Introducing Modulation, a new site that’s a fanlisting collective.

After fighting with Enthusiast, and then spending many hours converting it from PHPFanbase, it’s all done! Finally. *dies*

Again, much, MUCH thanks goes to Lee for her help and patient in explaining stuff to me and catching stuff that my eyes refused to see. *hugs*

Now that I got that out of the way, I need two make two more FLs. But first… I really should get ready for my last panel discussion on “Should Physician Assisted Suicide be Legalised.” AKA, Euthanasia. XD I’m on the “Yes” panel. Let’s see how much of an arse I make of myself on my last one.

The last one I did, the professor did not let me finish anything. He kept interrupting me, asking me questions, and literally kept on finishing all my sentences. Needless to say… it was quite frustrating. *sighs and chants to herself* “3 more weeks, 3 more weeks, 3 more weeks and you will be done with this class.”


  1. Yingna on

    Nice new site! Simple but good layout =)

    That subject sounds like something I’ve been in a debate before for my debate club, Junior States of America. I’m on the yes panel too, since my argument is that if someone wants to die, a doctor should be able to help them instead of having the person die a very…painful death.

  2. Lady Athena on

    I have not commented here in such a looooooooong time. XD

    In any case, welcome to the world of fanlistings! Pesky little buggers can sure be addictive, ne? And I love the layout for the collective! So spiffy and the colors are just so, so pretty! ^_^

    I also really like the new layout for the domain; very, very nice. Blue is my favorite color!

    Lastly, Euthanasia is such a heavy topic. And your teacher sounds just like my old history teacher from 8th grade. He would make me look like an ass on purpose! *gripes*

    Anyway, good luck to you on your discussion and keep up the lovely web work you do! ^_~

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