Moving Capriccio & 2006 Olympics Figure Skating

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I decided to move Capriccio to its own subdomain. Semi-powered by CuteNews thanks to the influence of Lee.

I watched part of the women’s figure skating finals just a while ago. I pretty much saw the last three contestants. It’s kinda weird how I still like watching those. Even when I was young, I’d watch it, those beautiful moves on the ice captivating me. Skating and gymnastics was and still are my favourite sports to watch. Perhaps it’s the girly girly side of me? Admiring those beautiful costumes? Who knows….

I have to say though that Arakawa’s expression was purely priceless. It seemed like everyone knew what what had happened but her till the last minute. At least that’s what Daddy said as a commentary. ^_^

…Okay, that’s all I’m gonna talk about the Olympics.


  1. Those are my two favorite sports to watch on TV as well. Is it Furukawa or Arakawa? What happened? I didn’t watch it on TV even though I have always watched it in the past because now, I just watch the programs I want online..sad, eh? The influence of the computers…

  2. Impossible Reality on

    We always watched ice skating in the olympics – I loved the jumps and the bobsledding. Now I appreciate the flowy, dancy stuff in the middle of it, too! (No, I’m not gay, honest….)

  3. I’ve been meaning to watch the Winter Olympics since it started but just haven’t had time.
    I love figure skating, its so graceful & cool!

  4. I am such a good influence… right? :D

  5. I just finished commenting at Capricico and I’m still in the commenting type of mood, so I thought I’d check out the great Tara-Chan’s main site. :) It’s funny; I read your last entry about boxes and I share that same love for… erm.. pretty storage?

    I think ice skating is one of the most romantic-looking sports out there. I can just imagine twirling on the ice, like a graceful princess. And I tried it.

    Obviously, that image is going to STAY an image.

  6. Women’s figure skating is intriguing to say the least.

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