Guylian “Opus” Chocolates

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I discovered that my love for “boxes” had gone to the extreme. Ever since I was young, I always had a thing for boxes. Boxes are like my best friends for storing stuff. Hell, doesn’t matter what kind of box it is, I’ll keep it. Well…maybe not the paper boxes, but I really do like wooden boxes and the more durable stuff.

Well, today, Jac bought a box of Guylian “Opus” Chocolates. She hadn’t even opened it, and I fell in love with the box. I told her that I wanted the box after the chocolates were eaten.

Why did I fall in love with such a box? A paper box of all things? Well, the chocolates were in the theme of music. Hell, the name “Opus” was a dead give away. Then when I saw the chocolates’ name using composer’s name and their famous pieces of work, I just wanted the box even more. The box is a keepsake that I shall cherish now.

I am so going to show the box to my former band teacher. She will so get a kick out of it.

That’s the bizarre post of the week folks.


  1. I didn’t know people had a thing for boxes…but I guess people have things for anything =D That’s cool though. You’re a box collector! Haha! Those chocolates look delicious..I would steal the chocolates from your friend…

  2. well i’m sure most people collect stuff of some sort. Boxes aren’t too bad!

  3. That is pretty much the coolest thing ever.

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