Crappytine’s Day ’06

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Happy Crappytine’s Day indeed.

I must say, at least for me, the only man I need in my life is my dear old Daddy. He bought mum and me (and for my aunts too) a big heart-shaped box full of chocolates. Whee!

Like I said, I don’t need a damn man other than my daddy.

ETA: Oh yeah, and my Crappytine’s present to myself arrive in the mail today. 4 dvds! They are:

* Legally Blonde
* Whale Rider
* October Sky (Special Edition)
* Amélie


  1. MorningStar on

    At least your dad gets you something. I have a husband and don’t get jack!


  2. Chibi Misao on

    Ooooh. I love Legally Blonde even though I won’t admit it in public ^o^ (Although, I guess I just did) I’ve never seen Amélie though. I’ll have to put that on my list of movies to watch.

  3. Hey, happy national singles day. Nothing wrong with that. I’ve never seen October Sky, but I hear it’s good.

  4. Valentines is overhyped and commercialised- made only for gullible men!
    Oooh, chocolates, I’m craving it so much now ^__^

  5. I watched Legally Blond and October Sky before. I recommend NEVER to watch the second Legally Blond, if you haven’t seen it yet. In my opinion, it sucked so badly, it wasn’t even funny. The plot was totally messed up. But then again, that’s just me.

    Hehe…I don’t need any guy in my life right now =P If there was in a guy, most likely, I would still be using up a lot of time on the computer…mwahaha…

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