Snow Day 2006

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It snowed about 4″ in Seoul today.

Just when I had woken myself up, the middle school called me and told me school was closed. I, being stupid, asked why. The secretary said snow. My response was, “Oh.”

And I looked outside after that. It really did snow. Amazing. I mean, I don’t exactly follow the weather forecast since it’s hardly accurate, but my friend Elizabeth said it was supposed to snow yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Well, it didn’t snow yesterday, so I didn’t really keep that message in mind.

While, I’m glad it’s a snow day, I don’t get to work today, so that means less moola for me. Also, I wish the school had called me a bit earlier than that, so Daddy could’ve just told me that while waking me up completely. Bah.

Oh well. I might as well try to get a few more hours of precious sleep, and then work on my panel discussion. I’m kinda hoping for my classes to be cancelled as well, but I don’t think that will happen. Unless it snows like five more inches till night time.

ETA: My night class did get cancelled. Kinda funny how mine’s the only one cancelled. Or so they said.


  1. If school is closed, isn’t classes cancelled as well? Or, is college that different?

    I didn’t know it snowed in Korea. Because, it doesn’t snow in China where I live. But then again, my relatives live in southern China…hehe…

    When there’s a snow day at my school, the adminstrators call houses at 5 AM – 7 AM…quite early, so that I know before I get up fully…mwahaha!

  2. Wow, your school closed because of 4 inches of snow? O_O;; Where I live, we recieved 12 inches of snow last night, and we already had a foot previously in the week. School was still open! Agh!

    That’s what I get for living in North Bay, Canada. XD

  3. WAH THAT’S SO AWESOME! Not just because school got to be cancelled but because it was due to SNOW! *envy envy* :P

  4. Lucky! I miss snow =( It rarely snows where I live, so even if there’s just a centimeter, people are freaking out.

  5. email me some snow.

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