Titanic Girls’ Night Out

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Right now, in Seoul, a special exhibition featuring artefacts from Titanic is being shown here. I heard about this in December, and since then, I’d wanted to go, and I had a few friends who were interested in it. We finally had the chance to go see this today. Jacquie, Ahmi, Sarah, and I met up at Noksapyong subway station at 4:00 pm, and we headed off to Yang-Je station.

Let’s just say, once we got off the damn subway, we took a wrong turn, came back to the subway, asked for direction. We were pointed the right way, and we were going to walk all the way there, but then we saw it was way too far as the person who gave us direction stated. It was too damn cold to even walk that far, so halfway there, we took a cab.

Once at Seoul AT Centre, we purchased our tickets. Thankfully, I found a pile of ticket coupons at Yongsan Bowling Alley, so I had four of those with me. We were able to get a 13,000 won ticket for 11,000 won instead. Roughly that was about $11. We then gaily headed off into the exhibition.

Oh my God. It was fabulous. To start off, we were given “boarding passes”, and on the back of the boarding passes, we had the identities of real passengers on the ship. Jacquie and I ended up as third class passengers; Sarah was a second-class passenger; lucky Ahmi was a first-class passenger. In fact, her identity was Sir Cosmo Duff-Gordon, one of the more famous passengers! Out of all of us, she was the only one who survived. XD Jacquie, Sarah, and I were “dead”.

It was so awesome. The best part of the exhibition was the replication of the grand staircase. I sure wished we were allowed to actually climb up and down the thing. *_* Then the next part was even awesome. It was a replicated “deck” of the ship. Not exactly a deck, but it’s the area were Jack and Rose were doing the spitting scene. That part of the ship, and they made it all “realistic” by making it a starry night. They even had a fake iceberg, where it was really cold when we touched it, displayed!

Had we known, we were allowed to take pictures, we sure would have went crazy in there! I was telling them, that all I need was a evening gown, and a handsome escort, and I’d be set! Oh, it was just marvellous. We signed in their guestbook even, and it was a biatch trying to find a space for four of us to sign it. While flipping through the guestbook, it was funny seeing what some people drew or wrote in there. One person even attempted to draw that naked picture of Rose. It was hilarious.

This was definitely worth our moneys and troubles to get there. This was a once in a life-time experience.

After that, we were hungry. We came back to Itaewon via subway, and we ate at McDonalds. One of the cheapest place to eat there hahaha! Then, we went to Bless U, had 3 drinks each, where the last one, B-52, was on the house by the owner there. We played Zengga there, and we read some of Bukowski poetry. It was a fun night out with just my girlfriends. Sarah was like we should do this regularly. I agree. It was so exciting, and the best part is, we didn’t need any guys! We did run into a friend of Jacquie and me, Robert. It was quite a surprise to see him there.

Well, that was an exciting night. One of the better nights out there. ^_^


  1. Michelle on

    You had some adventure…:) The part where you saw the attempted rose drawing. lol. Too bad you died.

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