TV Came Back, First Week of School, and a Meme

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I finally got my television back. Of course that means that Mummy got one of those nice flat screen, high definition (I think) 30ish~40ish inches television. Am so jealous now. I want one of those. Oh well. I like my tv. It’s good enough for me. Beside, I’m not gonna ask Daddy to get me one of those for couple grands. Nooooo. I’d rather buy it with my hard-earned money. Of course… that’s after I buy a Digital Piano!

Now that I can watch movies comfortably again, instead of on my damn PC (which I barely did anyways), the following movies need to be watched since they’ve accumulated over the month or more. x_x;

– All Dogs Go to Heaven*
– All Dogs Go to Heaven 2
– Back to the Future Trilogy
– Big Fish*
– Dead Poets Society*
– Hidalgo
– Indiana Jones Trilogy
– Latter Days
– Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events
– The Mask of Zorro*
– Maurice
– Once Upon a Time in the West
– Shine (Thanks Sarah! She got it for me as one of my Bday presents.)

The ones with the * next to it means I’ve seen it, but I want to watch it again. Except for Back to the Future Trilogy, Hidalgo, Indiana Jones Trilogy, and Lemony Snicket’s, all of these are mine. I think I overwent on DVD splurging these last couple months. ^^;; Hehehe.

First week of school…Bleh. Philosophy class is not what I’m expecting. And I mean that in a not-so-good way. English, aside from certain negativities, it will be very interesting. I was sort of dreading that class since I wasn’t a fan of Medieval or Renaissance British Literature, but who knows? Maybe I’ll end up liking it. I am quite fond of the British history…I just wished they named their damn royalties, ESPECIALLY Kings, more creative names. I mean why would anyone want to have 8 Henrys?! Or 3 or more Edwards? Bah. Other than that, the history fascinate me.

To close this entry, here’s a small meme that Ying Ying pimp me to do. :3

What animal would you be: A polar bear since they can survive in a cold climate.
Something you want to do in your life: Be a famous writer or movie director. XD Dream on. Realistically, go to Grad school somewhere in Europe, Canada, Australia, or New Zealand.
One song you could listen to over and over again: Too many songs to name.
Coke or Pepsi: Diet Coke. Tastes better.
Something you currently desire: Endless amount of money, so I can travel and go to my dream school without worrying about the tuition fees.
One good deed you’ve done lately: Listened and be there for a friend.
I’m singling out: Whoever wants to do this!


  1. My mom is spoiled too but not THAT spoiled.

    I don’t recall my dad getting my mom something THAT expensive.

    Not in this life…

  2. Ying Ying on

    Your dad got your mom a TV?! Or your mom got it herself? Heh…my parents never get anything that expensive. Or, now that I think of it, anything at all. Their marriage is kind of…weird…to say the least. But, that’s nice you have your own TV back, neh? I watch practically everything on my computer nowadays, since there’s only two DVD players in my house…and neither one of them are in my room. But, the good thing about my computer is that it’s facing my bed, so I just watch whatever I want on my bed. Bad thing is…there’s no remote control ;)

    I did not like Hidalgo that much. The commericials looked good, but I didn’t like the movie. But, it’s just my opinion..and also the fact that I watched a bad quality version of Hidalgo (a bought from China bootlegged version…).

    Hehe, don’t we all desire an endless amount of money? Then we never have to worry about money again and can just seek whatever luxuries we desire!

  3. Back to the future series is sexy. :D Good choice there.

  4. LemonSalad on

    Can you fore-mark my work? =D

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