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So I partied like I planned. Jacquie, Sarah, and I all went to TGI Fridays in the Myung Dong area. After I went through a hell of a time with trying to arrange a reservation with them, we managed to get in just fine. And yes, I had my mudslides. MMMMMM. I miss it already. XD.

Then we went back to Itaewon, and I wanted to check out the “infamous” Geckos. Forget it. Crowded, loud, and ain’t worth my time! We left there really quickly, and we went to Bless U. We each had three drinks each, and sadly I didn’t get buzzed. Oh well. We were playing Zengga while we were there, and it was a blast. XD That’s an awesome game.

Then I wanted to go to No Rae Bang, so Sarah and I ended up going while Jacquie went home early. I had fun singing my hearts out; it was a good end to a pretty good bday celebration.

I finally finished project for CMST385, my online class. I decided to make a page dedicated to Dreamhost, and so I did. Everyone, here’s Rightful Homage.

I ordered three things as a bday present to myself, and while I got the first half of the package on Friday, the last half of it arrived today. These are what I ordered:

* Latter Days (Unrated ver.) DVD
* Maurice DVD
* Maurice the novel by E.M. Forster

Had a very busy weekend indeed. Almost caught up with replacing my lost anime/movies files. That was … time consuming.

Classes officially resume for me tomorrow. Noooooo. I’m gonna miss my bumming around days again!!


  1. Ying Ying on

    Happy late birthday again =) It sounds like you had a lot of fun! Drinking, neh? Tsk tsk. Hehe.

    Nice website! I like the layout…I didn’t think someone would make a site dedicated to Dreamhost, but, I guess there always could be! Dreamhost must love you for it ;)

    Ah..I just select something to open in bittorrent and then leave my computer on overnight to download and then then next day or the day afterwards, it would finish downloading =) I hope you get back all your anime soon!

  2. Ying Ying on

    Oh yeah, I singled you out o_o Yes you! Mwahahaha…check out my blog for more information.

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