21st Birthday Postage

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Yeap. Today makes the day official. I am LEGAL! MWAHAHAHAHA! No more hiding from whoever. XD I am legal, baby!

And Jacquie turned a quarter of a century old as well. XD She and I share the same birthday. Woot!

Okay a more sane post, today and yesterday will be broken down into three sections: Goods, Bads, and the Uglies.

The Goods
I got a total of $150 bucks from my parents. Yay… moola for me. Along with an extra $90 and $50 from selling my books and from Jacquie as a present, I feel rich. Hee hee~

Will actually do a more of a 21st Bday partying tomorrow since it’s Friday then. Jacquie and Sarah will be my party buddies. Ah, yes. Chick night it is!

Daddy also finally got me a Western Digital 160gig HD to put in the computer. Jacquie said she’d install it for me. So along with that and my 232gig external HD, I am definitely set.

Mummy cooked me a wonderful meal that consisted of 갈비 (Kalbi), 잡채 (Japchae), potato salad, and what not. The only relative that came was my 이모 (Aunt) and she bought a cake for me. :3 Sadly, she had to go after she ate dinner, along with Jacquie who ate a bit before she went home for her birthday dinner.

So it was just the three of us, my parents and me, who celebrated the cake part of the birthday. I actually liked it. I liked it way better than being surrounded by all these relatives. Ahhhhh. I’m glad people didn’t come. ^_^

The Bads
Jacquie came over today to install the hard drive. x_x;; Well, it took us 30 or so minutes to figure out how to open the case. Once we figured that out, she did the technical part of it while I just watched like a duck on a log. Then she got to the bios part or whatever, and it worked. Or so we thought.

Well, while it did work, it was transferring between my external HD or my master drive really slowly. After about an hour of that annoying fiasco, we discovered that while Windows recognised the new drive, my damn motherboard didn’t. So we went back to the bios part, and once we changed something, it became fast as heck.

Oh and I decided to name my slave drive, Rip Off. Why? I was supposed to get 160 gig. But something or another on the manual and whatnot was telling us that it will drop to 137 gig. So I just accepted it because by then I was getting impatient. The end result? 127 gig instead. Grrrr. Therefore, Rip Off is an appropriate name.

The Uglies
Simply put, due to a very stupid mistake, I lost about 50 gigs worth of animes and movies off my external HD, the only place that had it.

I was backing up everything on my C drive because last thing I wanted was for the C drive files to get messed up. Well, my stuff on the C drive is the same as the one on the External HD. The only differences is that none of my movie files were in the C drive because of the space issue. BTW: this is one of the reasons why I wanted a bigger internal HD.

I was deleting stuff from the External HD to transfer the C drive stuff, and lo and behold, I deleted that directory that had the movie files folder. The window that says the recycle bin was too full, so do you want to permanently delete it came up. I clicked yes. After realising my mistake, it was already done, so I couldn’t retrieve it.

That happened last night. I almost cried. This experience led to making a directory only for movie files instead of sticking it in another main directory which was hidden from me previously. *sighs* So that’s the most crappiest computer experience I ever had. Oh, and I will burn the files once I gather them into Rip Off. I will definitely keep a copy of it that’s not on a damn HD. It will be on my external HD, and on DVDs.

Well folks, that was so far the highlight of me turning 21. I can’t wait till tomorrow though. Going to TGI Fridays will be fun. Ultimate Mudslide, HERE WE COME!


  1. Michelle on

    Happy Birthday! Now we can induct you to the secert society of being old and staying that way…wait, that’s middle age. Anyways, have fun. Sorry to hear about the loss of all those animes and your troubles with the HD.

  2. Ying Ying on

    Happy Birthday!!! 21? Hehe…you can drink all you want now =) Get drunk on your b-day =P Dance around like a hooligan…you can be arrested…but hey, it’s your birthday…I’m not making any sense…

    Lots of money x.x If you think about it, it can buy you 580 bags of chips with that money. That’s a lot of chips…I’m having some weird comparisons now…

    Aw…I’m sorry you lost your files. I got sooo mad when I lost some files when my computer got infected with a virus and everything had to be deleted o_o But, I didn’t have that much anime on that computer =P Hehe…but, can you redownload it? What I do is I open up bittorrent, select a big pack containing all the episodes of a series, leave bittorrent on over night for maybe 2-3 nights, and it’s finished downloading a series =)

    Anyway, happy B-day again! I hope you have a great time on Friday night…eating at TGI Fridays =P

  3. Chibi Misao on

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :) Yay for turning 21! *raises a glass to Tara-chan*

  4. Happy 21st!! Woot for all that money! Sorry to hear about losing all those files, that must have HURT. Ouch, 50gb >_

  5. LemonSalad on


    I only have a 80gb HD and a 40gb external.

  6. This is a tad late, but Happy Birthday, Tara!!

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