Hit on me, Baby!

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I met up with Sarah. We went to watch the new Wallace & Grommit movie at the base theatre. For free, of course! It was a very cute movie. I quite enjoyed it. Grommit was so awesome. XD

Then she and I went to eat at Istanbul. I am so addicted to their Falafel right now.

Then we went to 어쭈구리 (Uh JJoo Goo Li) this HOF place that I like to get soju cocktail once in a while. In there, I saw these three high school girls and two, who I presumed to be, high school boys. Anyways, I was enjoying my time with Sarah, and one of the boys came up to me and slipped a piece of paper and walked back to his place. On the paper it said: “I want your number.”

Sarah and I stared at the paper for a minute, and then I took it and walked over there. I set it in front of him and said, “Excuse me, but I am way too old for these high school games.” He gave me a shock look and said, “But I’m in the army.” Uh… he sure didn’t look like to me. ^^;; After a little chit chat, where I was acting like I didn’t care, he took the paper, and he wrote “Please!” on it. I took the paper back and said, “I’ll think about it.”

I went back to Sarah, and she and I had a good laugh. She told me that she almost called out and said, “Tara, honey, come back to me! I’m waiting.” BWAHAHA. I would’ve had a kick out of it if she said that. I’m notoriously known to pretend I’m a lesbian with my friends to avoid weird guys after all. XD But she didn’t want to cause trouble, so she didn’t say it, sadly.

The night continued on, and the other group soon left. Before leaving, the guy who was “hitting on me” gave me another piece of paper. On this paper, he wrote: “Call me sumetimes Baby! (I’m not in High school.) ####-###-#### !!!!

I just took it and nodded at him, and then he blew me a two fingered kiss and left.

…What an amusing night. The number he gave me happened to be a very weird cell phone number. Most cellphone numbers in Korea start with either 011, 010, 019, 016, or 018. This one it was 0130. Uh he must’ve been that drunk to not even write his number properly. I mean, heck, even if I had any intention of calling him, how do I know if this is even the correct number anyways?

I’m sure he was pretty drunk though. I doubt he’ll even remember who I am tomorrow. Bwahaha. Sarah commented that if he was sober enough, I probably hurt his ego by assuming he was a high schooler. I’m sure I did…XD

Oh well. It made the night very amusing.


  1. Welcome to the club! But Army?! Ewwwww you know how I feel about them….

  2. LemonSalad on

    Aw, rofl. Horay for getting drunk and a wonderful night. =)

  3. Happy Birffday! :D -spams-

  4. When is falafel night? That sounds good right now. I’m Taco Bell-ed out.

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