Posting an Update

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* Signed up for my Term III classes. They are:
– Philosophy 140 – Contemporary Moral Issues (Tue/Thur 1830 – 2130)
– English 310 – Medieval and Renaissance British Literature (Sat 0900 – 1600)

* Been working only like really 1 period a day since Tuesday till the upcoming Tuesday. And I get paid for a half day of that. Not bad, I suppose. I’d prefer full days though since it means more money. XD

* Been playing Super Mario RPG on SNES Emulator. I’m almost done! Woot. I’m at the part where I go to Bowser’s Keep and attack Smithy and his gang. The thing is though, I’m currently levelling up, so I can go fight Culex before I go there. Hope I can beat that FF character who’s the hardest boss in the entire game!

* Also been introduced to Dragon Quest 8 on PS2. So far…it’s a slow game. The loading time is slow, the plot is coming in slowly. x_x;; Other than that, it’s quite fun. I named my main character Blaire. XD

* Been working on my CMST385 stuff. Three more weeks and I’m done with that class. Woot!

* I lost my television to my mother. Her giant tv broke, and she cannot live without a TV. Daddy uses his constantly, but I don’t. Therefore, I was forced to give up my tv for a while. >_<;; I want it backkkkkkk!


  1. Thanh Ha on

    Woohoo Philosophy!
    Woohoo Super Mario RPG!


  2. Ying Ying on

    Hehe…I like what you wrote as the last bullet. “Her giant tv broke, and she cannot live without a TV”. That just sounds kind of funny…but you’re so generous =D Hehe…maybe your mom will repay you with getting you something…? Mwahaha…my parents don’t even watch TV -_-

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