Dreamhost Gives and Gives

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Holy Smokes.

Dreamhost is giving more to their customers. They just quadrupled the disk space, and octupled the bandwidth.

So now, in my account, I have:

21780 MB Disk (Grows 160 MB / week)
Used: 256 MB (1.2% – Overage $.10/MB)
1071 GB BW per Cycle (Grows 8 GB / week)
Used this Cycle: 8.4 GB (0.8% – Overage: $1/GB)

Goddamn, they rock! A TERABYTE of bandwidth? That was unheard of for me till now… XD


  1. friggin amazing!! thats unheard of anywhere full stop!

  2. CasualSax on

    Goood grief.

    Shall we start hosting home made movies?

  3. LemonSalad on

    Whoa. Nice host. But I shall stick to mine cos I’ve paid for a year already. o_o

  4. Belinda on

    Arlo! Got your email and THANKS! Man, you’re an awesome hostess, you have no idea how many would complain about “doing favours” for people if they so much as offer 50mb of hosting, and demanding things from their hostees. Beh. BTW wanna trade blog links?

  5. Ying Ying on

    Oh my gosh…if I ever get paid hosting, dreamhost is the place I’ll go. They don’t have Cpanel, but I think their system is good as well. Do you have a reseller or shared hosting? If you have a reseller, you can really start selling space and bandwidth =P

  6. WOW! I wish I had known about them before I bought my domain! :)

    Hehe, I might end up switching hosts. :P

  7. Thanh Ha on

    Umm… that sounds crazy! Enjoy it while it last though I say!

  8. Woah. That is a lot of stuff. Lol. I should check my dreamhost account information more often. Oops. Hehe. Oh yeah, and a very belated happy new year to you too.

  9. CasualSax on

    is Godaddy the trend setter, or is dreamhost?

  10. Hii~~ ^^/

  11. We should find Dreamhost HQ and throw them a party.

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