Moving, Cleaning, Keyboarding/Mousing

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First post of 2006. Woot.

Well, I must say that when I was out at a cafe on New Year’s eve with Sarah, it did not feel like a new year was coming. Oh well. I had two Jack & Coke though, so that’s good!

Yesterday, I helped Sarah moved out of her place on base to off base in Dongbu Ichon Dong. It was quite an … interesting and frustrating experience. I don’t know how she would have been able to communicate with the Korean movers without me. x_x;; I mean, didn’t her real estate dude arrange a translator or anything? What if I, who speaks Korean, wasn’t there? Then it would have been hell for her.

But yeah, her new place is awesome. Has a great view of the Han River, and Namsan Tower. :3 Not bad…once we got to her new place, it was chaotic. The internet dude was there hooking up her computer and whatnot. For some odd reason, the dude idiotically decided to plug something from her computer to the apartment power thing. Unfortunately, her computer or something is in American voltage, while the place is in Korean voltage. Before she and her real estate could yell “NO!”, he plugged it… causing the circuit to go kaput. So we ended up in the dark for a 40 minutes or so while we waited for someone with a brain to come and fix it.

Today, I went back to her place on base and helped her clean it. Apparently the military housing area makes people who move out of the base housing go through an inspection, so we had to clean it. Bah.

…And today was the second time I had to go to the back of the PC and fiddle with wires because my wireless keyboard and mouse gave me hell. Finally, while talking to Jacquie, who was trying to help me get out of the mess, I unplugged and plugged back one of the PS/2 thing that I tried earlier, and it worked. At this point, I am wanting to go back to wired mouse and keyboard. Or maybe it’s just Logitech x_x;; Whatever it is, it’s pissing me off! I should buy a damn back up keyboard and mouse just in case something like this happens again, and it becomes unfixable.

*sighs* What a way to start my first week of the year. Fun fun fun…and stress. XD