End of the Year Review

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Overall – All in all… o_O It was quite… a busy year! I had my shares of ups and down. It certainly beats the 96-97 and 01-02 year. I hope that 2006 will be a much better year especially since I am turning 21!!!!!!! Happy New Years, everyone!

January – This is the month where I celebrated one of my worst birthdays ever. My 20th birthday was spent being sick in bed with the nastiest flu ever. Other than that, I finally got into XHTML and read a wonderful book called Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom. Oh, and that’s when my old TV finally died and was replaced with a Daewoo one.

February – I revived my personal site, and made two new sites: A FL listing and a quotes database. Subbed for my ex-AP US History/Government teacher for that one week and it went better than the previous year. Also took one of my dream classes and that was English 294, Introduction to Creative Writing. This is where I met Kat, and she was an awesome person. Lastly, I met up with Janna, a fellow yaoi fan. :3

March – The whole fiasco with a friend of mine who kept ditching me happened. I opened up my mp3 site this month. Also got back into RPing. The horrid contact lenses experienced happened, and I swore never to go near those damn things!

April – My 512 thumbdrive went through an exciting trip through the washing machine and survived it surprisingly. I made a fanlisting to Mr. Jingles, and I hated my Biology Lab class with a passion. Thank goodness Jacquie was in it. This was when I took the best English class while having an awesome group consisting of Jacquie, Elizabeth, and Robert. Too bad, he started to date that horse lady, casuing me to bitch out at him.

May – This month was basically my anime/movie watching month with bunch of school work thrown here and there. Also SAHS’ Spring Instrumental Concert was a blast with Pearl Harbour, Ol’ Blue Eyes, and whatnot.

June – I did what I always dreaded: take math and English at the same time. NOT FUN. Class of 2005 graduated. Officially decided to become an English major. Started playing games again to the point where I beat Suikoden 1 less than a week, and then I moved onto Suikoden 2. This was also when Canada approved homosexual marriages.

July – HARRY POTTER BOOK 6!!!!!!!! Nuff said. Also went into emulation gaming, and partied a lot with Ahmi, Yun Suk, and Jacquie. Then my summer vacation officially began. ^_^ Also opened up a fanlisitng to Klaus Windamier.

August – Met up with Eugene, an old bud from back in the days. Had a blast with him. I became a torrent whore with all these yaoi/shounen-ai animes. Then I received news that I had to sub for the band teacher, starting from the first day, for the first three weeks of school and an additional two more weeks and four days. I dreaded that.

September – Barely survived the subbing job. Got a new keyboard and mouse. Played a joke on the middle school band kid by hiding a clarinet that they left unattended. The incident with my best guy friend’s fiance left me hating the fiance forever. GRRRRRRR.

October – The whole Robert fiasco. EW. Cut my hair short. Met Sarah and became addicted to Tales of Symphonia to the point I purchased a second-hand Game Cube and a bunch of games for $50 bucks. Got to have the house to myself for about three days while parents went to Gwangju! Oh yeah, and I gave out my first EVIL punishment, where a kid had to write an 8-page paper on Richard Wagner. XD Also celebrated Ahmi’s birthday, woot!

November – Lot of days off, that’s for sure. :3 Started my first online class. Spent the night at Sarah’s where we had a movie marathon. I discover I liked Harold and Kumar. XD Also discovered the FF7 movie was so awesome. Said good bye to a part of my life in a good way. Basically confessed to a guy that I liked him before he went off to join the Navy.

December – I got my Slytherin scarf. I felt burnt out with Crane and Twain. I got sick of them to the point that I will not read another Crane or Twain stories. I went to see The Nutcracker with Jacquie on my music field trip. I also attended SAHS’ Winter Concert, which was great. Tina came back, and we hung around so much. Even went to Osan, and I left feeling very disappointed. Survived the band alumni get-together. OH! And I finally got a new cell phone! Woot woot! And I started subbing at the middle school, which is quite different from the high school.


  1. Ying Ying on

    Wow…it sounds like you did a lot in year 2005. Well, year 2006 will be even better, neh? You’ll get to be even more busy and have fun while being busy…eh…hehe.

    Happy New Year!

  2. LemonSalad on

    05 was a crappy year. I reckon 06 will be good, 07 bad, and 08 distinctively good at the end. =D

    Oooh, 21. =D

  3. Happy new year!

    Wow, what a year. I hope you have a good 2006! (I’m turning 21 too! =D)

    Oooh, and your room is so big and filled with so much Anime stuff. I’m jealous =)

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