New FL, Room, & Scarf

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I forgot to mention that I am now an owner of a fanlisting dedicated to Orgasm. Not those kind of orgasms, pervs. THE DRINK. One of my favourite alcoholic drinks. Check it out.

Also, I updated my personal site with pictures of my room. If you are curious and wants to know how my bedroom looks like, now’s your chance.

Lastly, I mentioned that I have a Slytherin scarf, right? Here’s a picture to show my sexy scarf. ^_^

That’s enough webpage stuff for me. *dies*


  1. Ying Ying on

    Ooo…prettiful scarf.

    Ehehehe…I’m a perv then…I thought you meant the other orgasm. I was like, WTH?! I can’t believe they have fanlistings for those!!! Hehe…

  2. LemonSalad on

    Aw, clicked on it before realising it was the drink. Ahaha.

    Bleh. I had this Orgasm mix in Italy. Lemon Tea + Vodka + Beer. MMmmmm.

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