Christmas 2005

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My Christmas was alright.

I basically got the following:

* 30,000 won ($30) from Mi Son’s mum
* 30,000 won from my aunt
* $200 dollar gift card for the AAFES PX or BX from Daddy/Mummy
* Phone call from Mi Son
* The Nutcracker ballet ticket from Jacquie
* A drabble from Under Lucius
* Cards from Jen and Janna
* A card with a Slytherin!Lina keychain from Tokki-Chan and Mochi
* Many holidays wishes from lots of peeps.

I know I shall have fun with the $200 gift card. XD I can so go on a dvd/books/cds binge with that. Woot! What’s funny about this present was that daddy came out with 3 of the gift cards in his hand. He told us that there was a $250, $200, and $10 cards. Mum and I picked one, and we both wanted the $250 one of course.

Well, Daddy did label the $10 one, but not the other two. Mum and I had no clue which was which. Later, I went to the PX, and we got those scanned. Apparently, Daddy found another card for $50 bucks, so he kept that one, and mummy indeed picked the $250, and I got stuck with the $200 one. Daddy also kept the $10 one hahaha.

When Mi Son called, I was so happy to hear her. We talked for a good long hour. She was telling me that she’s gonna come in January or February. *squeals* I cannot wait! Oh God, it will be torture waiting for her to arrive here.

So my Christmas was alright. I still want a Yamaha Digital Piano, and sadly I saw one for $1400 at the PX today, and Daddy was like NO. *pouts*

Surprisingly, not much relatives came to our place this year, and I was so happy about that since I was kind of doomed to stay home today with no one available to hang out. I did go back out for an hour to walk around Itaewon and my neighbourhood. Ended up buying some stuff so it’s all good. An hour later after I came back, everybody left, so I was very happy to have the house back to the three of us.

Another lonely Christmas, I suppose, but it’s alright. I’m happy, alive, and whatnot.


  1. LemonSalad on

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year tara. =D

  2. Ying Ying on

    Well, your gifts sound pretty good =D Gift cards are always good ;)

    Lonely Christmas…I spent a lonely Christmas too x.x Well, my whole family did practically nothing special. It was almost like a normal day.

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