Burnt Out & Winter Break

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For the last couple weeks, I’ve been feeling burnt out from school and work, but most of school. My face-to-face classes finally ended today. This entire week was so tiring even if I only worked for two days, and those two days were my first time subbing at the middle school.

Aside from work, this entire week was devoted to these three things that had to be done by today: English presentation, English final exam, and English six-paged paper. On Wednesday, I stayed up till 2 working on my final exam and presentation. Last night, I stayed up till 2 as well to do my paper. After this term, I am sick of Mark Twain and Stephen Crane.

Well, at least winter break officially beings for me today! Then my work will be resumed on January 3rd, if I get any days, and face-to-face classes should resume around the third week of January. So basically I got a month long break from the classes. I still have my one online class though.

Even though I was feeling burnt out, this week I attended two performances. The SAHS Winter Concert on Thursday, and I went to see The Nutcracker, full ballet performance with Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra playing for my Music class field trip. I went with Jacquie, and she paid for our each of our 50,000 won tickets, the second best ticket of the house. We had a pretty darn good seat, and oh man, the performance was so magical. It would have been more magical if it wasn’t for some stupid audience members distracting the show! But dang, it was worth it!

So here are my plans for my winter break:

* Hang out with Tina practically 24/7!
* Watch a heck of a lot of movies I have piled up to watch.
* Play video games, specifically Tales of Symphonia.
* RP and update some webpages.
* My online class.

Not a bad plan. I miss my bumming around days, and I shall have it back once more!


  1. Damn, so many english assignments! Good luck! I would have had a lot of trouble since English wasn’t my best subject… I probably should take some literature classes.

  2. LemonSalad on

    I swear, your english is soooo good. I hope you get 99.9%

    Aw, I wanna live in Korea. You guys are sooo hardcore at games. =/ I wish I could play korean ragnarok, and korean survival project. http://www.survival.com.my is the english version. It sucks. =_=;

    Plus everything is Samsung there, right? My friend said that you can control the TV and stuff with your mobile phone. =/ So cool.

    Have fun on your holidays. =D

  3. “I miss my bumming around days” me too, except multiplied by 10!

  4. I can sympathize; I haven’t gotten more than six hours of sleep since my school year began. I hope you’re doing better than I am, though.

    My plans for the holiday looks similiar to yours. Except, I’ve already beaten Tales of Symphonia. It’s a great game!

    Have a great holiday!

  5. Sharon Burson on

    안녕 친구야,
    힘내, 파이팅! 아자! 아자!

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