First Snow and HP GOF Review

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It snowed yesterday. It was so pretty. Although getting to school this morning wasn’t very much fun with Daddy having a hard time driving. And me walking like a duckling all day, so I won’t slip and fall, was tedious. But it was still so pretty!

I saw Harry Potter Goblet of Fire tonight. It was interesting to say, but dang, how are they gonna make the next movie by cutting out practically 60% of the book?! I mean good grief, they cut out a good chunk of this book. *shakes head* I posted a lengthier review at my lj if you wish to read.

Other than snow and HP, I got my English midterm back, and I got a 92% on it. Woot! Not bad for practically bullshiting through it.


  1. I love snow! <3 Congratulations on your midterm!

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