GC Memory Card, Corpse Bride, & Lots of Schoolwork

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I’m mad at the PX. When I finally decide to go buy a GC memory card, they ran out and claims they are not gonna stock anymore. WTF.

I saw Corpse Bride. Liked it way better than Nightmare Before Christmas. Loved the piano music from the movies. Victor is such a cutie for … a “clay” figure. I really enjoyed this movie. It was the perfect length. I want the soundtrack now. Me wants it, precious. Johnny Depp’s voice was pure sex in that movie. Nuff said.

Upcoming agendas regarding School Work.

* CMST385 Week 5 Questions
* CMST385 Week 6 Questions
* CMST385 Assignment 2
* CMST385 Week 7 Questions
* MUSC130 Term Paper
* MUSC130 Final Exam
* ENGL439I Term Paper
* ENGL439I Presentation
* ENGL439I Final Exam
* Lotsa reading for ENGL439I

AUGH!!! That’s all gotta be done on various days between now and Dec 18, that day being the last day of face-to-face classes and SAHS starts winter break. And in between that, I have to write fanfics and upload a bunch of songs for my mp3 rotation site.

What suck is that I tried not to procrastinate and still I somehow managed to get myself in a cramming mode. >_<;;


  1. Ying Ying on

    Aw…can’t you order those online though? The memory cards?

    Wow..that’s a lot of work. I hope you can get it all finished ;) Haha, I’m sure you can. It’s always funny how much you can accomplish when you’re on a tight schedule, even if you procrastinate!

  2. GameCube memory card from trustworthy DVDCrave: http://dvdcrave.com.au/products/product.jsp?pid=15981

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