Happy Thanksgiving 2005 / Commenting Issues

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Just wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for many things. Many things such as:

* My parents who put up with me in the house.
* My friends who keep me sane through my hectic working/school life.
* The teachers who allow me to sub for them.
* My computer!!!
* My video games/animes/mangas.
* And just for being alive.

^_^ Hee hee. My Thanksgiving plans is to spend the night at a friend’s house, doing anime/video game marathons. Woot.

And erm… I don’t know what’s up with my WordPress, but if your comments are being treated like spams or whatnot, please ignore that. I check the spam section a lot, and I know how to change it from spam to non-spam crap in the MYSQL, so just wait and your comments will show up. *kicks her blogging programme for being picky* Just letting you guys know that.


  1. Ying Ying on

    WordPress picks up messages as spam or not? I didn’t know that o_o

    Happy Thanksgiving to you! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving filled with fun and lots of food!!!

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