Alvin and the Chipmunk with Tales of S/P on the Side

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I purchased their Christmas Album, and ‘oly shite, they are funny as HELL. Especially the conversations with Dave.

Even though their voices are quite on the squeaky side, it really appeals to me. I don’t know why it is so, but it’s just cute. Brings me back memories of that Chipmunk movie I saw, and I think I still have. Now I want to watch it x_x;; Due to lack of time though, I can’t.

Speaking of lack of time, this week, and next week I will be busy as heck. Can’t wait till the Thanksgiving weekend…even though it’s shortened from four days to three days for me. Thanks to my lovely Sunday class. Which will also be the midterm exam. Boo!

I finally got to the second disc of Tales of Symphonia. Woot! Finally. Took forever. Disc 1 was long as fuck. I can’t wait till I beat the game. It’d be nice to beat a game…something I haven’t done for a while. Replaying Suikoden 1 and 2 doesn’t count.

And speaking of games, I am so mad. Tales of Phantasia has never been translated into English. It came out on the Super Famicon and PSX in Japan, but never to the states. Well, I read news that they will finally bring ToP to stateside. Guess what system? You would think that since I have three goddamn video game systems, I’d have a good chance. Nope. It’s coming out on Nintendo Advance. WTF. That is so not fair. The world of business is practically gonna force me into getting that for one damn game?! AUGH!

…Then again maybe it won’t come out. x_x;; Aigoo. If only it came out on PSX, GC, or PS2!!! Video gaming is an expensive hobby the more I think about it. Money hungry mongers out there are greedy like pigs. Which includes me… Haha. XD Oh well…we’ll see. ^_^


  1. hehehe, the AdvanceSP is the only “modern” gaming system that I’ve purchased since my Playstation1. (can’t afford new systems X.X)

    Chipmunks are cute. XD

  2. Holy crap. Alvin and the Chipmunks. Now THAT takes me back. That may possibly be the best Christmas album EVER.

  3. Ying Ying on

    My guess would be that you’re really into games…? Haha. That’s a lot of gaming systems though…I just have my computer o_o Internet is my video game…haha.

  4. You should buy a Nintendo DS! It’s only $179, or $199 with Mario Kart DS, and guess what, it plays GameBoy Advance games!!!!

    Seriously it’s worth the investment.

  5. LemonSalad on

    You’re such a sexy game whore. =D

    Get a PSP. Ew, DS.

  6. Gba…. at least they actually PUBLISHED it, that’ s something >

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