Old Term, New Term

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Bah… my break between Term 1 and 2 is officially over today. In about six hours, I will be at my first class of Term 2. I’m happy though. I got A’s on both my IFSM and HIST classes. :3

For this term I signed up for:

* MUSC 130: Survey of Western Music Literature @ Tues/Thurs 6:30 pm ~ 9:30 pm
* ENGL 439I: Major American Writers: Twain and Crane @ Sunday 9:00 am ~ 4:00 pm
* CMST 385: Internet: A Practical Guide ONLINE.

So far, I have like two term papers to write for the Music and English class, and a webpage project for the CMST class. Oh Gods, that’s gonna be a piece of cake. I only needed one more Computer Studies class, so I opted to take this one online since I already know most of the course information there. I just hope the online class addition doesn’t kill me. *sighs*

I’m glad I’m taking the Music class though. This is the same class I tried to sign up for summer of 2004, and it cancelled out on me since not enough people registered. Well, it went through this time! Yay! I’ll have the same professor from my IFSM class. Goodie. :3


  1. yaaayyy blaaaaaah.


    i wish i was as happy as you were when it came to the grades…

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