Tales of Symphonia

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Aside from enjoying my lovely one week break from school, my friend, Sarah, got me addicted to Tales of Symphonia.

…To the point that I want a fucking Game Cube for one damn game! AUGH!

Too bad the US never released it on PS2, otherwise I could get it! *sobs at the fact that there are way too many different game consoles out there*

But it’s an awesome game so far. So addicting too. And of course I’m slashing the characters already. Yes, yes, I have no shame. I love the character interactions, the game fighting style (even if all I’m doing is pushing random button, the typical way of playing action rpg for me), and other technical aspects.

I especially love the plot. I already spoiled myself by reading the script. Had to satisfy my urge of curiosity. XD And I LOVE, LOVE Kratos. OMFG. He rocks. And that’s all for my squeeing here.


  1. I want to play it! XDXDXD *can’t afford game systems* But if I could, that’s one of the games I want to try. XD

  2. Michelle on

    Hehe…sounds like you realllllyyy enjoyed the game. Too bad for the gamecube…perhaps you should have a “Donate to the GTAGC fund”.

    GTAGC-Get Tara a Gamecube ;P

  3. Michelle on

    oi…double posting. sorry.

  4. Get a Gamecube; you know you want to XD

  5. CasualSax on

    So you run around..with a Symphony..with a tale?


  6. Geeeeeeet iiiiiiiiit~ GC luvs yew~~~ there’s gong to be a Mario DDR~~~ /end gc h00ring/ :p

  7. Thanh Ha on

    Get the CUBE! It’s only like $99, and there’s plenty of great games on it too. Worth it I tell you! Get the CUBE!

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