Lots of Happenings

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* Made a new anime/game friend named Sarah. She just randomly overheard the conversation I was having with some people about video games, and being a gamer herself, she wanted to get to know us since not very many people around my age plays games or watches animes here. :3 That was about two-ish weeks ago.

* Finished my subbing for Mrs. Lee. *dies* NO MORE. I need a break.

* Yesterday was my field trip to Electronic Market. First hour was okay, then it got boring. I had to go, or I had to write a darn paper. x_x;;

* After the field trip, I went to Sarah’s house. She and I played Tales of Symphonia. It was pretty good. x_x;; I just wished I could play action rpgs better!

* Then we watched three episodes of Generator Gawl. I bought them over, so she could see them.

* Then we watched two episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena. That was quite…funky. Surreal is a better word.

* Later on today, Sarah will come over to my place for a change. Then we are gonna part. She has a party to attend, and I have to meet up with Ahmi so we can celebrate her birthday. :3

* Tomorrow, Jacquie shall party at my place! Speaking of which, starting today, I get to have the house to myself till about Tuesday! I’m 20, and I NEVER had the opportunity to stay home alone for more than an evening! Woot! ^_^ My parents are going to 광주 (Gwangju) to visit my maternal grandma.

Starting on Tuesday, aside from going back to the band room to help Mrs. Lee, I shall be CRAMMING for my two upcoming final exams. So after a weekend of partying, it will be a week of studying and examing. Goodie. x_x;;


  1. You’re lucky, you live in korea with a big anime culture. If I met a chick engrossed in anime over here I would fall head over heels for her :)

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