BAH! Inane Babbles

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Yep. To me, inane babbling is equivalent to free writing.

Has it been that long since I’ve last updated? Damn. I’m back to subbing for two more weeks for the band teacher. She’s satisfied with what I did the first three weeks. Yay. :3 She joked to other people that maybe from now on, she’ll go off every three weeks of the beginning of the school year, so she doesn’t do the hard work. Erm… no thanks. Once was enough for me!

Beginning Band finally played on their instruments today. Oi. My poor ears. XD I remember the days of my beginning band experiences. x_x;; And to think me and my friend thought we sounded good on The Locomotion at our Spring Concert. My ears must’ve been bad then. So the next two weeks, I’m going to be hearing a lot of hootin’, tootin’, and blarin’! ^_^ Makes me glad to have Concert Band next… even if 83 kids banging and blowing away on an instrument, creating utter cacophony, might not exactly be good music.

Three more weeks of this term and a one week break. Which one of its day will be going to the hospital for an exciting experience. Exciting? Yeah right! In my dreams. I called today, and the earliest day I can have with the doctor I want was on the 18th of October. Goodness! Do people have no life or something, so they end up going to the hospital all the time? Especially for what I’m going in for?! *coughs*

I was nearly dying in my IFSM class today. We were learning how to convert binary numbers to base 10 numbers. Then we learned how to convert base 10 numbers to binary numbers. Joy. I already did that for two years in Cisco Networking, so I literally was zoning out. I was doing the Sleepy the Dwarf thing. Tonight was one of those nights where I wished they had a computer placement exam! Granted, I’d flunk the hardware portion, but for good grief! This is ridiculously a beginner’s class! Darn the system for making that particular class a requirement. At least I’m learning something new in there somewhat, but still it’s torture!

Now that I got some babbles out of my systems, I shall shower and sleep. I am so tired. x_x;;


  1. Ah, binary, black & white. yes & no. :D

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