Major Highlights

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* Took my first IFSM 201 test this past Wednesday. I bombed the short answer part. I feel dumb. Haha. Hopefully the next two tests will be easier since I know what the format of the tests are.

* I finally received my cheque from Dreamhost! 100ish bucks for me! That really will help me since I didn’t get paid last week like I anticipated. x_x;; I get paid next week. I think.

* The mangas of Wolf’s Rain that I bought from someone for 16 bucks (6 for shipping, so it was like 5 bucks each for the two mangas) came to me on Thursday. XD

* Jen sent me a card. It was really a thoughtful gesture. ^_^ Thanks, Jen! That made my day even better!

* I finally finished Sukisyo. Great shounen-ai anime. I loved Sora, but I loved, LOVED Shinichiro Minato the best. It’s interesting how the anime focuses on split personalities, yet Minato is like…a split persona himself in a way. The teacher side and the outside of school dude. So different in appearance, but still the same dude. XD Hated Sunao. Did not like him much.

* Met Jacquie’s niece. So fucking cute, but … so loud!!! I’d go crazy if I had to be with her longer than two hours!

* Found out how my HIST 365 midterm is gonna be like today. Gotta study for that.

* Had an interesting encounter with some middle school kids. I was at this outdoor snack bar studying for my test on Wednesday. Bunch of these kids came and set their stuff on a table near me. Two of them were band students where one was a trumpet or something another player while the other was a clarinet player. Well, they stepped into the Gallery (a concession store) and the clarinet player left his instrument on the table along with someone’s gym bag. I didn’t give a rat’s arse about the bag; I was more interested in the clarinet since it belonged to the middle school.

Next thing I did was that I took the clarinet and hid it. Some people were giving me strange looks, thinking I was going to steal it. I then waited for the kids to come back out. They didn’t for a while, and I seriously thought they forgot about their stuff. Soon, they came out. The kids panicked a bit. The owner went to the snack bar lady and asked in Korean, if she had seen a “rectangular box.” I kid you not. I was cracking up to myself when I heard that. I then showed them the clarinet and gave them a good lecture on not leaving instruments unattended. They cooperated though. And I told them that I was gonna go talk to their band teacher. They were surprised that I knew her. I mentioned that I worked at the high school’s band room and that I was in band for six years myself and that I knew the importance of these matter.

* Lastly, I FINISHED SUBBING FOR THIS SESSION! The teacher comes back for next week! Sadly, after next week, I gotta sub for her two more weeks. At least I survived the first three weeks. That was such a challenge; I don’t think I’d want to go through that again. It was really interesting though. Before I passed out candies to Concert Band (passed out candies to all the class), I gave a short speech to them. It was along the lines of: “Thank you for putting up with me for the past three weeks. I know was I crabby, but thank you. And I want to thank you for your cooperation. It was crazy, but we pulled through and had some great rehearsals.” While saying that, they all cheered and clapped for me. I felt so loved and felt like I did do something worthwhile.

* What a crazy week! XD

ETA: As of May 10, 2007: I found out several months ago, that the kid who I reprimanded about the clarinet left it unattended again at the Townhouse. It was funny because I do remember that one day Townhouse had an evacuation because of some “mysterious package being in there.” I had class that night, so I was wondering what was going on there when I looked in that area. Then I found out from the high school band teacher that one of the new freshman, who came up as an Alto Clarinet player, left his clarinet with a friend, while the rest of his group went to play video games or something. Well, the friend left to go to the bathroom or something. While gone, somebody reported the cursed clarinet case as a package that may have a bomb. X_X;; Hence the reason of the evacuation. I assume that was a last straw for the middle school teacher because she made the kid switch from a soprano clarinet to an alto clarinet so he will NEVER forget it and leave it around somewhere.

Let’s just say when I found out more about the clarinet kid… I was cracking myself at the brilliant irony of it!


  1. Whoa, all of that happened in one week? o.o That is crazy. Your life sounds like fun. XD

    I love your Camaraderie theme; it’s my favorite. I also like your domain’s name; that’s really cool. ^_^

  2. Hooray for no more subbing. May you now life a much less stressful life. :p

  3. instruments sure aren’t cheap, you’d be pretty dumb to leave one lying around in public. tut tut!

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