New Keyboard and Mouse

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Couple weeks ago, maybe a bit longer, I noticed that my cordless mouse was DYING. Like the wheel wouldn’t work, and both the left and the right buttons wouldn’t work at times. I told Daddy, and he got me a new mouse.

This is my new mouse. The only thing I like about this (the stupid remote controller feature I could careless) is the fact that I can turn the darn thing off and save some battery life.

Then last night, I noticed that my keyboard… just stopped working in certain areas. For examples: Z, X, B, P, the main enter button, the alt buttons, and whatnot just died on me. Needless to say I was frustrated. The first thing I talked to Dad about this morning was, yep, I need a new keyboard.

Dependable Daddy got me a new keyboard!! I like it! I can push one key to open up Winamp, mute it, control the volume, open up Firefox, open up the calculator, even lock the computer or something, and my favourite, opens up my email!! Now if only I can figure out what the messenger button supposed to do…

But I like it. Feels funny, and certain keys aren’t where I’m used to, but I’ll get the feel for it soon. Whee. Hopefully these new keyboard and mouse last longer than the previous. Although I will miss my old keyboard. *sniffs* My first cordless keyboard goes bye bye. Wahhhhh. Well the successor seems good so far!


  1. I hope your new accessories find themselves at home! ^_~

  2. Welcome to the one-touch button to execute a program club of wireless mice and keyboards…

  3. Chibi Misao on

    I have a mouse with blue lights like that. It’s blinding.
    And, um, yeah, that was kinda off topic. Nice new computer accessories you have, though!

  4. Oooh, your new keyboard and mouse looks cool. I seem to have bad luck with mouses O.o;; I keep buying ones that don’t work well or start doing weird things after a while. Luckily, my tablet hasn’t had any problems yet ^.^;;

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