First IFSM 201 Class

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It was fun. I had the professor before for my music classes, so I’m quite familiar with him. I think the class will be pretty much easy for me. :3 Hopefully. I need it to be easy enough since I’m gonna die in the history class.

After tonight’s discussion, it’s scary to know that there are people out there who’s so unfamiliar with computers. I cannot imagine a life without computers now. The professor asked us to name a job where no PCs are in used. There is none. Okay, maybe a hermit, but that’s not a job technically. But seriously, even when someone mentioned prostitution, the teacher said that’s a job where computer can be used.

Amazing. Technology certainly impacted a lot on every day life.


  1. Jacquie on

    Computers and prostitution? Well, they do use the computer to advertise on the Internet. Not to mention chat programs to hunt down someone and say “Hey, do you wanna…?”

  2. gardeners dont need a computer…basically any job outdoors eh? You koreans are so lucky with your world leading broadband market!!

  3. Computers can be used in basically any type of job. Gerdening: to design your garden
    Ranchers: To keep track of your cattle (they can microchip them)
    Construction: Keep the blue prints on a computer to easily redo them
    Teaching: Keep test scores and what not.

    There really isn’t a profession these days that does not use a computer, or have the ability to use them. There are so many different programs out there now that can help. Databases, blue printing programs, interior decorating, graphic design, web design, word processing. Even phone companies use computers now. XD

    The only profession that really doesn’t use a computer is begging. ^^

  4. How about a Migrant worker? Day Labors? Janitors? Professional bum? :P

  5. Lady Athena on

    I have one! How about a grocery bagger?

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