DVD Splurging

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After stopping by the band room, to get some more heads up for next week, I went to the PX. My main goal there was to find some damn undershirt. Well, that didn’t went well. I ended up going to the DVD section afterward. I went nuts in there. After I perused through the section, I ended up with a bunch of dvd. The total came to be $72.80. I was going to eeny meeny miny moe them to choose two of the piles.

In the end, I figure that since I saved myself money from all my torrenting, I decided to splurge and buy it as a end of the summer gift to myself. And I know I deserve something for the hell I’m entering next week.

So here are the following movies I bought:

* Rudy
* Big Fish
= $19.95 for together.

* Alexander (Director’s Cut, Widescreen)
= $19.95

* The Fifth Element (Ultimate Edition)
= $19.95

* The Last Samurai
= $12.95


  1. Jacquie on

    Uhhh…did you buy your history books yet? nyahahaha

    Undershirts can be found in

    if you can’t find them at the PX.

  2. Chibi Misao on

    The Last Samurai was wrong on so many levels. Oh well. At least Shin Koyamada (Nobutada) was cute :D

  3. Mmm. I liked Big Fish.

  4. CasualSax on

    Can’t say much for most of them, but the fifth element is awesome.

    Rudy, though..come on. You do know Notre Dame looses that last game against Georgia Tech, historically speaking, right? =P

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