Happy Birthday Aigoo Chamna!

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Damn. It’s already been three years since I purchased this domain, four years since I started owning domains, and five-ish years of webpage maintaining. Time sure goes by fast. I’m surprised I still am blogging, making webpages, maintaining them and whatnot.

It’s funny how I went through so many webpages in about five years. From my Geocities to Topcities to Angelfire to Dreamhost…my stuff changed. I went from the Geocities’ webpage making programme to Front Page to Notepad/Editpad. From there I went from .html to .shtml to .php. Even my blog changed. It went from Pitas to manual updating to Greymatter and finally WordPress with Livejournal and Xanga on the side. I started off with Corel Photopaint. From Corel, Daddy got me Paint Shop Pro. Then I moved onto Photoshop.

My webpages went from a Zelgadiss shrine to a general anime site to a collective and finally to blog/collective site. I made a lot of websites and closed a lot of them as well. Even when I look at my webpage directory on my computer, something I’ve had since the beginning, I made 29 websites in five years. Holy shite. That’s a lot. Of course I only maintain about half of what I have now.

It’s just simply amazing how much I changed through these five years of using a computer for something other than surfing, emailing, and chatting. Of course, all the friends I’ve made over the years were wonderful too. Such a diverse group of people who we had a lot of things in common. If I had never liked animes, then I never would have started this urge to do webpage stuff. Then I wouldn’t have all these knowledge. And of course, I’d never meet a lot of the people I’ve met.

The last five years been fun. And I hope I can continue on for another five year. ^_^


  1. Chibi Misao on

    Happy Birthday Aigoo-Chamna!!!!!
    Here’s to another five years :)

  2. Happy Birthday Aigoo! *hearts* Ah, the progressions of Tara through her years on the web! Congratulations!

  3. Jacquie on


  4. Zelgadis! How scary is it that I totally remember that page. ~history in motion~

  5. Hoshiko on

    Happy birthday to Aigoo Chamna! Many years of great webdesign to come. ^_^x

  6. Thanh Ha on

    Happy Birthday Aigoo Chamna!

    How things changed. I remember myself too. Starting with the good old Geocities.

  7. Wow, I’ve been making websites for about 5 years too. It really doesn’t go by quick, ne?

    Happy birthday to Aigoo-Chamna! And to many more years =)

  8. ooh happy birthday! that journey you described seems very similar to mine hehe. I started with a magazine article and notepad though, I didn’t even have internet then too hahahaha.

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