My Life in a Nutshell

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* After seeing a Chinese movie called Bishonen, courtesy of torrenting, I’ve discovered that Chinese actors are quite handsome. And two of them resemble these two Korean celebs that I had double vision for a while.

* Finished watching the following animes: After School in the Teacher’s Lounge, Ai no Kusabi, Boku no Sexual Harassment, Enzai, Kizuna, Zetsuai & Bronze, Sensitive Pornograph, Haru Wo Daiteita, Fake, Legend of Four Horsemen, Lesson XX, and Level C.

* Still need to watch: Earthian, Gravitation OVAs, Loveless, Mirage of Blaze, Mirage of Blaze OVAs, and Sukisyo.

* Suffered from my first hangover and hopefully LAST on August 12th. NOT FUN. I’m just glad mine didn’t last like three days after hearing one of my friends went through it as well.

* K is pure sex and orgasm. I bought his two single’s album yesterday for 6,000 won (6 bucks) each. Woot.

* Capriccio has updated. Enjoy the selections.

* Only two more weeks left of vacation. BOOOOOOOOOOOO! Time went by so damn fast.


* Daddy got me a 232 GB external hardrive. Coupled that with my 75 GB internal one, I’m set for the next years of downloading movies/animes! Mwahahahahaa!


  1. I have 50gigs of anime on my hd at the moment, but you should see how many dvds/cds I have of the stuff o.O yay for anime!

  2. Jacquie on

    Cheers woman! You can fill up that baby in less than a week if you keep downloading all day and night :)

  3. Oh gosh… I’ve been looking for After School in the Teacher’s Lounge, Ai no Kusabi, Boku no Sexual Harassment, Sensitive Pornography etc, everywhere. Where did you get the torrents?! I got the Boku no Sexual Harassment thing off isohuntdotcom but that keeps coming up with something like “Error, no data in torrent” or somthing. I use Bittornado. And I cna’t find any of the others… It’s driving me positively nuts not being able to get it quickly. And I also need to get my hands on that Chinese movie Bishounen… Never heard of it but >

  4. Goodness! You have Ai No Kusabi? I’m guessing you can tell from your comments that everyone else is having trouble finding it on the internet. Do you have it on DVD? If not, I would greatly appreciate help in finding where to get ’em. Ahh, lovely, lovely shounen-ai…what would I do without it?


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