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I’ve become a torrent whore in 24 fucking hours.

That thing is a GOD for downloading animes. I want to snog and shag whoever came up with torrent. Hell, I wanna do that to whoever came up with the net!!

I’ve been downloading my shounen-ai and yaoi goodness. Michelle has created a monster. XD XD You go, women! You did something that no one else did, get me into downloading BIG ASS movie files. Despite the fact that the slowness of it reminds me of my 56K days, I’ve become desperate to save money.

So after I complete the download session or while it, I’m watching animes! Yippee! Although I’ve been doing it already, anyway.


  1. tear. my heart broke my comment XD

    Torrent is [heart]!

    the net was invented by the US government. X3;;

  2. Jacquie on

    FAKE is so cute! hahahahaha

  3. CasualSax on

    Al Gore..isn’t hot, for the record.

  4. I adore BitTorrent as well. It’s the only way I download anime. =3

  5. Get Loveless if you haven’t gotten it already. Much prettiness to be had.

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