Fun Friday, Whoot!

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Capriccio’s been updated.

And starting yesterday, my summer break finally started! Took the second part of my math final yesterday as well, and I got an 87, but I still received an A for the class. Go me. One more math class to go… x_x;;

So yesterday, to celebrate the beginning of the break, I met up with Ahmi and Yun Suk. Ahmi and I’ve been taking English 102 together, so it was a major relief for her that the class finally ended. Yun Suk, that dork, got back about a month ago, but didn’t have the time to call me till Thursday. We met, and then we decided to meet again last night with Ahmi.

All three of us met, and we went to 어쭈구리 (Uh-Jju-Gu-Li), this HOFish restaurant. We drank soju cocktails (ordered a normal apple one, and then we discovered they had a PITCHER for a bargain of a price and ordered the peach one) while YS had some beer. We ate dinner there, some variations of food, and stayed there till about 10. We had fun listening to all these jokes I had to tell. Especially my infamous “Bowl of Cherries” joke. XD

Then we all decided to go to 노래방 (No Rae Bang), the singing room (aka Karaoke). We had a blast there singing a mixture of Korean, English, and Japanese songs. Finally at midnight we left there, and then we talked a bit more out in the alleyway of my neighbourhood before we departed for home.

It’s so great hanging out with friends you’ve known for several years. It’s even better since we went to the same high school, so we can reminiscent our school days. And it’s great that those two are also musicians like me XD. So much to talk about. It was one of my better days lately. And the fun doesn’t stop here. I’ll be heading to YS’s house to start our Vision of Escaflowne marathon. Then on Wednesday party at YS’s house with Ahmi and whoever and spend the night. At least that’s the plan. Let’s hope it goes through. ^_^

Ah… the joy of vacation. I hope it’s a great one despite the fact that I am not going anywhere for the summer. Whoot!


  1. Thanh Ha on

    Ah, holidays, don’t waste them like I did!

  2. Ooh escaflowne! brings back fond memories.

    I should get you to teach me the PROPER pronouciations to all my taekwondo terminology! Learning it from an Australian teacher who was tought by someone else has probably bastardised the whole lot.

  3. That sounds like it was a lot of fun! One of my current roommates is a highschool buddy, and we used to talk about music-related stuff a lot too since we were both in orchestra =)

    I did a Vision of Escaflowne marathon once, not on purpose though, hehe. I got hooked and decided to finish it all ^.^;;…

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