Updating Whee…

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1) Capriccio has been updated. Go listen if you haven’t heard these songs before. :3 Let me know what you guys think.

2) Smooth Strategist is a new fanlisting dedicated to Klaus Windamier from Suikoden 2. Go join if you like him or whatnot. ^_^

And am off to continue with Suiko 3. Oh and I got an A on my second essay for English. Go me! And because I ended up with A’s on my first two essays, the third one is optional for me. It’s offered for those who need an extra boost in their grades. I’m all essayed out, so I opted not to do it. I can focus on math and the poems more now. And of course, more games.


  1. CasualSax on

    Yay updates! I should be updating a real site soon enough!

    Nice grades! Now I know who to bug for the english papers I no longer have to write! =P

    More !’s !!!!!

  2. LemonSalad on

    *kills your bandwidth*

    I like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” so far. =D Sexy atmosphere.

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