B-day Party

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Went to the restaurant owner, Istanbul’s owner, birthday party. Had free food and alcoholic drink.

Okay party I guess. Just loud. Went there and gave the dude Bacardi 151. Jac and I pitched in to get my daddy to buy it.

But I had one cup of beer, half of Jac’s Vodka/Tonic, and two cups of Gin/Tonic. Sadly, I’m drunk. I haven’t been this drunk since I went to Guam last year.

Dude. It feels good. I should do this more often. Hahaha. Naw. I don’t wanna get drunk all the time. Jac said I was a “cussing drunk.” Oi. Good thing I still got some control over myself. Otherwise Mum and Dad will both be after my arse now.

I think I will crash soon. I’m a combination of cussing/talking/sleepy drunk and boy am I am sleepy now.


  1. Jacquie on

    Tara is drunk right now…I suggest that you go check on her….smell her breath, nyayahahahahaha….

  2. my my what a drunken mess you are!! jks ^_^

  3. Chibi Misao on


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