Canada Approved Homosexual Marriages

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Article can be read/seen here.

This made my day. Now if only the US will get off its arse and do that or at least pass a Civil Union thingamagie. I find it so sad that a country like US, which was founded on the idea of freedom, is so prejudiced and restricts citizens’ rights as one like this. Of course other countries are just as hypocritical as the US, but it just infuriates me.

Only three countries allow homosexual marriages. That’s sad. Oh well. All changes come about slowly, eh? Some faster than the others, but that’s the crazy way of society.

P.S. – For those who do not know my sexual preferences, I am straight to the core. Don’t get the idea that I’m gay just because I support homosexual rights. Although becoming a lesbian sounds like a good idea with many of these straight men who are assholes… XD XD Haha! ^^


  1. CasualSax on

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  2. I think it’s a state by state thing. I know California for one had a bunch of Justices that had conflicting rulings. They allow, they don’t, they allow, they don’t. Yeesh. We’re supposed to be progressive, dammit! Just sick with ‘yes’ and move onto arguing about capital punishment.

  3. Agreed! I was also happy when I heard about that.

    Hehe, I am also straight, but some people question if I’m bi ^.^;;

  4. Lorraine on

    Four! Spain just legalised gay marriage too =D

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