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After taking this survey, I was quite surprise to see that I’ve been blogging almost for four years now. It’s quite freaky how fast time went by so far. There was a question there that asked how much longer will I be doing this. I put 3-5 years, but I absolutely have no clue how much longer I’ll go through.

On Friday, I went to the beauty salon with Jac, and whee! I finally got some grey streaks in there. Very subtle and I like it! And my entire hair is lighter. In a different light angle, my hair actually looks pale green though. Hahaha. Jac was teasing me about how my rabbit will eat my hair now since it’s her colour. Whatever. Before that, I met Elizabeth and we stopped by the PX and I found a pair of shoe (nice ones too) that were $16.95 and at 75% off. So about $4.27? Yeah. I am cheap with my clothes. I love these clearance sales.

I also saw Pulp Fiction. Wow. That was just. Damn. Defamiliarization to the core. And my English professor is right, Bruce Willis is a W plot, and John Travolta and Samuel Jackson story was an epiphany/episodic plot. If that last sentence made no sense, blame my English major side talking.

Speaking of major, yeah I’ve decided to just go ahead and major in English at UMUC. I got my updated evaluation back and I have 72 s.h. to go. Aiya. And naturally I have to take a horde of English classes. Well as long as I don’t have take a government/economic/business/accounting class I’m all fine and dandy. Although I do have to take Philosophy class to count as a Civic Responsibility credit… and an upper level writing class as in Technical or Business writing. EWWWWWWWWWWWW. Give me a story writing class instead. *sighs*

Oh well. So future English majors, look out, Tara is coming and revolutionising the entire system. Hahaha. Yeah right. In my dreams.


  1. Jacquie on

    My hair is darn stiff right now…

  2. Thanh Ha on

    I hope to be blogging for the rest of my life – but hopefully it won’t be in the same way as I am now. That way I never have to write a biography, some other bastard can put it together. :D

  3. Coronet on

    English, a major I could never bring myself to do. I’m glad you enjoy it tho. You write extremely well (told you that already) so I figured English would be appropriate for you. :)

  4. maybe your rabbit will groom your hair for you instead of eating it

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