Two “M” Tortures

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Well… it’s kind of a torture. That would be midterm and Math.

Let’s just say I have my English 102 exam next Monday and my second Math test next Friday.


Oh, by the way, I hate Math with a passion. I do not understand why when I am majoring nothing dealing with Math and Science, that I have to know how to factor a quadratic or polynomial equation? Who’s bright idea was it that people need to know these evil Math techniques when we don’t use these everyday unless we are Math majors?! I understand the basics and the darn equations thing, but factor? I don’t care that (x+1)(x+1) will give me x-squared+2x+1!!

Factor sucks since my graphing calculator refuses to help me with it. Bah. And I will even have more fun when we get into the irrational bullshite. $#))*$#)*$#))*#$

On the bright side of all this, I received my essay back and found out that I ended up with an A-. Yay for me. Not bad considering I had no one to proofread it for me this time. *sighs* So my lovely weekend consists of studying for English and practicing those darn, darn factoring crap since I so suck at it obviously.

Lastly, I receive the letter from my uni that I made Dean’s List for Term 2. Well goody. Although I don’t see the point of that when they say that you will only get full honours recognition by maintaining a 4.0 gpa. It’s like telling me that “your 3.86 gpa is no good” in my face. BAH. 4.0 gpa is so fucking overrated, so who fucking cares? As long as I try my best, right?


  1. Jacquie on

    How come I didn’t get one of those letters yet?

    Well, my GPA dropped to 3.882. :(

    And I’m still waiting for Silent B’s 4.0 to break (nyahahahaha I’m mean) so keep the girls coming in, he’ll have plenty distractions!!! HAHAHA

  2. Heather on

    Agreed. Math is evil. We don’t have to know how to count past eight as musicians anyway. And as teachers, we should only be able to tell how many people are absent and what their grades are.

    Agreed on the GPA as well. Never in my life have I achieved a 4.0, straight A’s… any of that. I still made the dean’s list and what matters is the effort you put into it. 3.86 is damn well good enough. :)

  3. I agree totally with everything said. Where I live, your class rank is determined on your GPA, which everyone has a problem with. Because this means that the kids who are in regular, grade-level classes that are acing everything are head of the class.

    (-b ± √b² – 4ac) / 2a.
    I use that EVERY DAY in my regular life, I’ll have you know. x)

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