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First essay turned in on Wednesday. First math test on Thursday. I think I did horrible on the essay, and I received a 96 on my math test. Whoo hoo! 2 more evil math tests to go. I swear, graphing calculator, or my wonderful TI-83 is my best friend in a math class. Everyone else in my class has those ghetto Scientific Calculator, and here I am graphing away on mine. XD

My life is utterly boring at the moment. So boring, that it’s relaxing. All I do is game and school. Of course my occasional happenings on the computer and hanging out with friends and talking about all the shiteheads, arseholes, and fucktards around here.

On the other bright side, Capriccio’s been updated. Yay go me. Although it’s quite disheartening to see total of 300+ downloads and only like 5 people comments on the selection. Oi. Is it that hard to leave a comment and say they enjoyed the music? *sighs*

Well, back to gaming. Mwahahaha! Suikoden 2 is fuuuuun. Oh and Thanh, I don’t want to upgrade my games. Lemon Salad, I refuse to play online games like FFXI or something. I’m old-schooled, old-fashioned, old whatever, but I like my traditional games on a platform that’s not a computer and onto a tv screen instead of something tiny like a PSP. That’s just my thoughts. And besides, if I buy more games, which I haven’t gotten any money for anyways, I’d never get around to them because I haven’t beaten my other games yet! I’m weird, yes.


  1. Thanh Ha on

    You need to get Xbox. Online gaming is sweet, I’m playing Halo2 atm.

    Upgrade to WordPress – Brian’s Threaded Comments is simple to install then, just a few clicks of the mouse. No hacking needed.

  2. Jacquie on

    I asked Bri what his PS2 games are, and you know what he said? “Mostly RPGs.” Uhhh, like that helps.

  3. I’m the same way about games! =) Yeah, I guess I’m old-fashioned or something too. I prefer to only play console games. It just feels nice to have a controller in hand maybe? My friend bought me FFXI, and it’s still in its box, unopened ^.^;;

  4. CasualSax on

    I enjoy my online games! Something about the social interaction, me thinks. I like my gameboy/advance, but thats for portable reasons..if I had the choice, I would always be on a bigger screen.

    And, lets hear it for boring, lazy summers!

  5. Hoshiko on

    Old -fashioned gaming for me too! ^_^x

  6. my life is rather boring too. but oh well. it will pass eventually.

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